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17th January 2019 

Getting started and the therapeutic agreement

To arrange a consultation or initial session, text, call or email me. I'll get back to you asap, usually within a couple of hours.

During this session, you will get a sense of who I am as a therapist and as a person and whether you would like to engage me as your therapist. Even if you decide to arrange the next session, I will ask you to confirm or cancel a few days after the session when you've had time to reflect. This is because, as an existential therapist, I take care of your autonomy, believing in your ability to make your own decisions about your life whilst acknowledging you are in new surroundings and therefore, to an unavoidable degree, in a vulnerable position as a client.

Length, frequency and duration of sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Once a week is the norm, although there will be times when it may be therapeutically appropriate to have sessions more or less frequently.

It is easier to have sessions on the same day and at the same time each week. However, ad hoc sessions can be arranged for people who travel or have irregular work schedules. It is not always possible to offer a regular session, especially popular evening sessions, when less than weekly sessions are required, usually towards the end of the work. However, I'll be as accommodating as I can.

I would suggest you start with 6 sessions, 10 would be better. During this period, we will review the work and discuss the duration of the therapy. Unlike medication, it is not possible to prescribe the amount of therapy you will need. See FAQ for more about how many sessions you will need. However, I will work with whatever time (and money) you have to invest in therapy at that point in your life.

Payment of fees

You can pay cash for each session or by bank transfer either weekly.

Cancelled and missed sessions

Excluding sudden illness or other events beyond your control, I ask you to pay in full for the sessions not canceled 48 hours before the session. Whenever possible, I will offer you an alternative time during the same week if the session would otherwise be missed.

The above applies to holidays but it's good to give each other as much notice as possible.


I am currently working from my home in Amisfield. My postcode is DG1