About my approach to therapy

My approach is Existential. This is a mindful and unpretentious talking therapy combining the constructive, forward looking approach of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the respectful person centered tradition of Carl Rogers and the depth of psychodynamic psychotherapy which looks at how the past influences our present way of living.

... a mindful and unpretentious talking therapy

Existential therapy is a philosophical approach informed by great thinkers like Soren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Satre, to name but a few, who thought deeply about the human condition.

The approach also uses phenomenology. This is the most appropriate research methodology for understanding human experience. It is a skillful inquiry into our personal view of the world which helps us broaden our understanding of the problems of living we are addressing. It avoids psychopathology and medicalised ways of thinking. I describe myself as research informed rather than research led.

psychopathology and medicalised ways of thinking are avoided

The focus will be on your individual experience and to understand this within the context of the challenges and paradoxes of life and living.

challenges and paradoxes of life and living

Human beings are understood to be creatures of continual change and transformation with unique personal strengths and weaknesses, constantly seeking opportunities and yet frustrated by limitations in the physical, social, personal and spiritual dimensions of existence.

Meaning and value are explored with the aim of being true to oneself and living responsibly whilst at the same time understanding the consequences of our ideas and beliefs on our own and others lives.

being true to yourself and living responsibly

Good therapy is by its nature challenging but also ultimately respectful of a person’s unique way of understanding and living their life. The goal of therapy is authentic living; that is, living deliberately rather than by default or habit.

"For what its worth, I think you are good at what you do. You are very real! Not afraid to be devils advocate, or to push difficult buttons when needed. You are also kind, and giving of yourself-I like it
that you refer at times to your own experiences-it fleshes out the whole thing which for me at least
needs to be deconstructed a bit i.e. fucked up patient on couch talking to expert analyst behind desk.

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